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Store Logo Designs from the Best Discount Department Stores around the World

Let’s take a look at the brand marks of some of the biggest discount departmental stores in the world and see what makes them so unique and popular:
1) K-mart:
If you want your store monogram to be visible from a distance, then craft it using a big initial in a bold color.
This is what this famous chain of discount department stores has done. Their store logo is a Big letter K with the store name written in smaller fonts beneath the letter. The use of red color makes it attractive and relevant to the food industry. The lower case of the scripted company name makes it look friendly and comfortable.
2) Sears:
Their emblem has seen a lot of changes over the years. It started with a simply written black and white emblem which then gave way to a double lined name that was crafted in slightly slanted fonts in dark blue color. This emblem was crafted in all upper capped fonts. In 2004, the text was changed to sentence case where only the first letter of the name was capitalized and the dark blue color was lightened a shade. Blue color represents trust and dependability which are the company values that this store preaches which makes the current emblem perfect for them.
3) ShopKo:
This departmental store monogram has also seen a lot of changes since its origination. It started off as a double shaded text with a horizontal line separating the dark blue and red color. The new emblem consists of a black colored and straight type faced text on a white background which consists the words ‘my life, my style, my store’ beneath it. The italic effects of this slogan add an innovative touch to the trademark while the straight fonts maintain the monogram’s professional touch.
4) Target:
If your store is named ‘Target’, what better emblem can you draw then an image of a bull’s eye?
Their grocery store IG 60 Free Online jpeg Maintenance Logo Designer is sharp, attractive and represents the right image of the store. The image of the bull’s eye is created in red and white colors which make it easy to identify from a distance. The straight fonts in red color give it a look of professionalism and proficiency.
Their previous brand mark also consisted of a bull’s eye but that had the company name scripted over IG60 Free Online jpeg Mortgage Logo Tool the bull’s eye image and consisted of slightly slanted fonts which made it a little complicated to understand. The previous monogram also consisted of a greater number of stripes which have been reduced to two in the new design.
For the store’s plastic bags, the logo shopping bags consists of multiple small bull’s eyes on a white background that makes it different from all other bags.
So here you have some of the best brand marks ever to be created.
Considering the knowledge that you’ve gained from above, how will you design your store’s emblem?

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Free Logo Maker Software A Good Option or Not

A well designed logo is what helps a business create a unique business identity for itself. It can be designed using a free logo maker software but with very low chances of success. The very first thing one has to understand is that a logo is what helps a potential customer differentiate between so many companies in the competitive business world of today.
Being the easiest tool for creating a logo these logo maker softwares these tools are available all over the market and you can also go for a free logo maker download option using which you can download the software to your computer and take as much time and space you need to design your logo. They are very helpful in creating your logo just the way you want it to be as you can play with as many tools as you want using symbols, shapes and fonts of your own choice. These softwares come with a huge chunk of predesigned symbols or icons from which one can choose very easily. You can customize the color scheme you want your logo to bear and also modify the shapes and recontrast the colors as well.
But the question which arises here is that can you do it as good as a professional logo designer? It’s true that these Free Logo Maker Softwares allow you to design every single thing of your logo all by yourself keeping your choice sin your mind but are you professionally equipped and experienced enough to understand the concepts of the logo and the skills required.
Unlike a professional logo designer who has years and years of experience and on-going skills learning abilities you will have to learn the art from the scratch and then design your logo which will use considerable amount of your precious time. Can you afford to dedicate so much time to something you can get done otherwise for an affordable sum of money and concentrate on your business strategies?
The bottom line of the above discussion is that it’s a safe bet you won’t be able to design your corporate identity given any kind of Ig60 Free Online jpeg Childcare Logo design tool as good as a professional designer. So it is always recommended that you hire a professional logo designer instead of doing it yourself and concentrate on what you know rather than what you Ig60 Free Online jpeg Childcare Logo need to learn from the scratch.

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